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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a standard GSM protocol supported by almost all GSM handsets. Commonly used in banking, mobile polling, security systems and education. USSD is session-based and supports longer message content. Sessions can be initiated by both users and networks. USSD messages are not stored, which makes the technology an excellent basis for security solutions. USSD can help businesses increase their reach, as it is available regardless of the end-user’s mobile phone type and generation.


Our USSD Solution

With easy to use integration interfaces (API), customer applications can be quickly and efficiently integrated into our USSD gateway.  Surveys, account management services, mobile transactions and other business services can be easily transferred to mobile devices.



  1.  Compatible with features phones and smart phones
  2. A fast communication between the application and the user
  3.  Near instant delivery • Free to end users
  4. More interactive as compared to SMS
  5. Suitable for sensitive info like one-time password
  6. Works on all existing GSM mobile phones
  7. Mobile booking / redemption service to acquire more customers
  8. No internet connection is required
  9. Improve user experience by reducing the latency delays
  10. More characters are allowed in a USSD message


Advantages to End User:

  1.  Get rid of slow and boring IVR system
  2. Within finger tips convenience
  3. No cost to be borne by the mobile users
  4. No special phone setting is required
  5. Simple and easy to be used


Features of USSD:

  1. USSD is session oriented in real time and thus users receive response immediately.
  2. Turnaround response times are faster because it is not a store and forward service like SMS.
  3. USSD supports menu based applications, allowing more user interaction.
  4. Interactive navigation allows faster two-ways messaging services and navigation,  Incoming messages are of flash type and cannot be stored in phones

Why use USSD messaging?

1. Real-time POS Voucher / Coupon Offers. Message then disappears meaning it cannot be used again.

2. Security data (e.g. pins) – deliver security information in real-time. Message disappears which means it cannot be accessed by anyone else later.

3. Use USSD to deliver promotional SMS to drive customers back to your mobile services in real-time.

4. one-time passwords and reminders

5. USSD integration can be achieved with our state of the art API documentation. Technical Support is an email or phone call away.




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